Hello! My name is Natalie and I’m the founder and designer behind this little thing called Threeologie.

So you’re probably wondering what is Threeologie!? Well…

It’s a place where you can find all your design needs, from website design to logos to even wedding invitations! I design everything on my own. I know it’s a lot! But honestly this is the most fun I’ve had working… ever. I spend my time developing custom made letters and fonts. I’ve also designed logos, websites, mobile applications, icons and more. I really enjoy the act of developing custom designs so that each of my clients owns something entirely unique. I love the act of creating and using my imagination to develop designs that my clients absolutely love. My job is to bring your vision to life!

So how did this come about? Threeologie got started when I got a little nudge from my entrepreneurial partner and when I realized everyone’s looking for design work ALL THE TIME. The only problem is that clients are often going to different sources for different design work. Why not just go to one place?!  So that’s when Threeologie was born. This a space where you can find those design needs. Literally, I even do rustic wood signs for weddings if that’s what your looking for.

I am so excited for you to be here. Just here creatin’ awesome stuff for awesome people. Take a look around and let’s chat!

You can find me trying to book a flight to another corner of the world or just gettin’ down on some sweets.

Threeologie is currently based in Pasadena, CA.