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Pull up a seat and learn how Threeologie runs a lettering business. From concept to completion.

Tools + Software

Dive into the tools & software that gives Threeologie it’s unique look and feel.


Learn how to communicate with clients, negotiate pay, and setup a process.


Learn why contracts are important + grab Threeologie's own Contract Template!

Lettering v. Type

Help your clients navigate the difference between lettering and typography.

Make it Pop!

Flourishes, florals and more! Learn the methods that make my lettering pop!

Create Letters

Learn the fundamentals of creating outstanding letters.


Do justice to the designs you create by composing them for maximum engagement.

Letter with Procreate

Take your designs from concept to completion using Procreate.

Pencil Lettering

Master the craft by embracing lettering without the advantage of technology.

Photos and Edits

Balance lighting, arrange layouts + add props to make your work pop on Instagram!

Learn the Business of Lettering

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Increase your engagement by learning to create letters like a pro!

What's Included:

Over 20 Video Training Modules

Learn the entire lettering process from start to finish! Kicking off with communicating with potential clients all the way to delivering exceptional content on your platform of choice.

40 Page Course Workbook

An amazing 40 page workbook designed to accompany every module in the course. Each section of the workbook will contain a challenge based on what’s been taught along with tips and tricks to help along the way.

Pencil Procreate Brush Pack

This awesome procreate brush pack has been designed to replicate the look and feel of the Blackwing pencils that we love to use on paper.

Embellishments are a great way to add some fun to your lettering. This brush pack makes it super easy to add spark with 35 custom made sparkles!

Ultimate Lettering Cheat Sheet

We’ve all been there, you take a course and forget the great material you’ve learned. That’s why we created a 2 page cheat sheet designed to be your goto resource for all the lettering material covered in the course.

Favorite Tools & Supplies Clickable PDF

Confused on what tools & supplies to use for your lettering business? Not anymore, this PDF includes links to all the great tools, supplies & software we use during the creation of our lettering.

Join the Threeologie Facebook Group!

Learning is always more fun when you’re not in it alone. That’s why we’ve created a private Facebook group for the course to allow all fellow learners to chat and share what they’ve learned.

Bonus Materials!

In this course you’ll find a bonus materials section with the following materials. Bonus materials include my Curly Letters Workbook, Block Lettering Workbook and my How to Create a Newsletter Workbook.

Bonus Materials!

In this course you’ll find a bonus materials section with the following materials. Bonus materials include my Curly Letters Workbook, Block Lettering Workbook and my How to Create a Newsletter Workbook.

My Happy Students!

Brie Prado
Brie Prado@TheBriePrado
Read More
I just wanted to say how much I loved your Lettering Workshop! I started the course with zero experience in hand lettering. As a current Graphic Design student, I knew I wanted to incorporate hand lettering into my portfolio, but I had no idea where to start. What I found to be most helpful was the transparency you provided your students with regards to the contracts, the pricing structure, email etiquette, and even how to present the work on social media. I had so many questions coming into this course and you answered them all in a straight forward and easy to follow format. I’m so glad I signed up for your workshop! Thank you again!
Hannie Lim
Hannie Lim@dandybeforedaybreak
Read More
I love Natalie's Lettering Workshop! The modules were broken down into easily digestable topics, making it easy and less intimidating to learn. To top it off, it's self-paced! Super convenient for someone like me, who'd usually take about a hundred tries before actually getting it. Ever since finishing the course, I've added a fun, new script style to my reportoire. I've also been more experimental with my styles, fueling my creative juices even further! Thanks, Nat! 💕
Jess Lejserowits
Jess Lejserowits@jesslejdesign
Read More
Super excited to be taking Threeologie's new lettering course! I've decided to start a new lettering series called Lights Camera Lettering where I will be lettering movie quotes. I can't wait to apply all of my new tips and tricks that I'm learning from the course to my designs. I am especially loving the business aspect of the course because that is the part I struggle with the most!
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This course is absolutely amazing!! It teaches everything you need to know about lettering, the whole process, and even how to talk to potential clients! I’ve been lettering for about 2 years now and I still learned so much. There’s definitely a lot more I can add to my lettering after learning this course. It’s a great course for artists of all levels, you’ll definitely learn something!
Kim Morales
Kim Morales@DesignedByKM
Read More
I have been following Natalie’s work for a while before I decided to take the step of creating something for myself. The work she does is fun, uplifting, and I think her personality radiates through her art. I was so excited when she rolled out her course because I wanted to learn technique but also she’d be giving advice on how to sell not only your work but yourself too, this is something i feel like a lot of people feel uncomfortable sharing. This course brought so much knowledge of the art and everything it takes to get you where you want to be. It is so worth it and you have it forever and you can go back whenever and always brush up.
Read More
I’ve loved Natalie’s course, the chance to get to see behind the scenes has been really valuable. Not only have I learned great skills but to see all the steps going into a final piece has made me confident that I can do it too. The course is super easy to follow and I can’t wait to keep putting what I’ve learned into practice.
Read More
I just wanted to send a more proper thank you for your course. I’m still working through it, but it’s enabled me to work through a lot of creative blockage. I’ve drawn all my life but have always struggled with drawing interesting/beautiful letters, and this course has helped me not only improve my lettering 100-fold in only a couple of weeks but has also got me thinking much more outside the box for personal projects I’ve been stuck on and sitting on for the last few months. I feel much more confident and capable in my artistic ability and just wanted to thank you for creating this opportunity to learn and grow. This is the most excited and ignited I’ve felt in months, and lord knows I’ve needed something to be excited about during this period. Thanks again!

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Handlettering Artist

Cathy Nguyen

Handlettering Artist

Danielle White

Handletterer and Designer

Emily Chau

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Ana Camero

Handlettering Artist and Graphic Designer


Letterer/Illustrator/Biz Owner

Alex Alvarez

Handlettering Artist, Branding, Web Design

Isabela Lacerda

Handletterer and Designer

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Most frequent questions and answers

The course starts now and never ends! It is a completely self-paced online course – you decide when you start and when you finish.

How does lifetime access sound? After enrolling, you have unlimited access to this course for as long as you like – across any and all devices you own.

We would never want you to be unhappy! If you are unsatisfied with your purchase, contact us in the first 15 days and we will give you a full refund.

It will be available May 1st 2020

No, there is 1 section in the course where I will teach you my process for lettering using paper and pencil.

The course will be a combination of video and the Lettering Workshop Workbook. 

Absolutely not! If you’re interested in how I work with clients, negotiate money, set up contracts and my process for lettering this is the class for you!

The course will teach you how to communicate with potential clients, how to negotiate pay, how to set up a contract, and how to develop a process for working with clients. 

This course does not teach you a specific type of lettering. Instead it teaches you the basic fundamentals I use for creating letters. This will give you the tools to explore all types of lettering once you know how to create a basic letter.  I like to think of it as:

Give a man a fish and you feed him for a day; teach a man to fish and you feed him for a lifetime

It doesn’t matter which iPad you have. The digital portion will be using the Procreate app. 

No, this courses will teach you how to communicate with clients that reach out to you. 

There’s only 1 section of the course where teach you my process for lettering digitally. There’s also a section where I teach you my process on paper! So there’s plenty sections of the course you don’t need an iPad or Apple product.

I will be focusing primarily on my process in Procreate. But it doesn’t hurt to try!

If you’re interested in adding handlettering as a service to your business this course could definitely help you get started!

If you’re a calligraphy lover like I am then I think you’ll love the lettering process as well! But if that’s not your interest there are also 3 free workbooks (2 of which are based on calligraphy) that come with the course and another free online course.

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