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I've worked with hundreds of students teaching them the art of calligraphy with hands on instruction!

“Let's explore art of calligraphy and handlettering!”

Looking for a new outlet to express your creativity? Calligraphy and Lettering classes are the perfect way to simultaneously unwind and unleash your inner ability to create. Enjoy a personally-curated boutique learning experience with a professional Calligraphy and Lettering artist. Revitalize your passion for learning as you and your friends discover strokes, techniques, and proper tool care in a fun workshop environment.

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A time-honored tradition, calligraphy focuses on creating letters connected by a central harmony and aesthetic rhythm. Most often using a pen and nib, this thoroughly tactile art form is a popular choice for letter writing.


The act of drawing letters as opposed to writing them. This vibrant style of lettering is focused on creating a full picture in which words play a central role; a popular choice for advertising, graphic design and art projects.

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Take Home Kits

Receive your own Calligraphy Kit to take home with you and utilize the skills you’ve acquired in class to continue your artistic expression outside the classroom. Each kit comes fully stocked with tools and an Instructional Guide.

hands on instruction

To ensure that you get the best possible instruction as you learn a new style, each class is led directly by me! By maintaining intimate class sizes, I can ensure every student receives full attention and benefits.

drinks + appetizers

No starving artists here! Every workshop comes with a delightful array of light refreshments, including appetizers, desserts and drinks for a delicious, artisanal accoutrement to our learning experience.

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Spend the day with me as we learn the basics of Calligraphy or Handlettering!

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