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handlettering and design courses


$200.00 Value

This Threeologie course is your ultimate guide to handlettering fundamentals and the business of lettering. You’ll learn everything from contracts and responding to leads to pricing strategies and more. With a wealth of valuable information packed into this course, you can start enhancing your skills today!

Greeting Card Design


$100.00 Value

Ready to turn your creativity into a profitable venture? Join this 8-week course series and learn the art of effective greeting card design while building your first licensing portfolio. Discover how to make passive income by licensing your designs to top greeting card companies. 

Get all these bonus business materials when you purchase!

$100+ in Bonus Materials!

Enhance your learning journey with our exclusive bonus materials!

This comprehensive bundle provides you with everything you need to learn, grow, and succeed in the industry. And the best part? You'll save over $300 with this incredible offer!


In the handlettering and business course, get ready to pull up a seat and join me on a journey to start your own hand-lettering business! This course is designed to be fun, exciting, and friendly, as I show you the ropes on how I run my business. With the help of Procreate and Adobe Fresco, you'll learn the art of hand-lettering and how to turn your passion into a thriving business.

Tools + Software

Dive into the tools & software that gives Threeologie it’s unique look and feel.

Attract Clients

Learn how to attract clients and the process for landing those projects seamlessly.


Learn why contracts are important + grab Threeologie's own Contract Template!

Lettering v. Type

Help your clients navigate the difference between lettering and typography.

Make it Pop!

Texture, spark and more! Learn the methods that make my lettering pop!

Create Letters

Learn the fundamentals of creating outstanding letters without the help of tools.


Do justice to the designs you create by composing them for maximum engagement.

Procreate + Fresco

Learn how to use Adobe Fresco and Procreate apps and how to letter in both apps.


Learn how to price out your work and services. Plus get my own pricing guide!

Sharing Work

Get great engagement and views on your artwork with these social media tips + tricks!


30+ Video Training Modules

Learn the entire lettering process from start to finish! Kicking off with communicating with potential clients all the way to delivering exceptional content on your platform of choice.

40 Page Course Workbook

An amazing 40 page workbook designed to accompany every module in the course. Each section of the workbook will contain a challenge based on what’s been taught along with tips and tricks to help along the way.

New Brushes for Procreate and Adobe Fresco

Threeologie designed and created new brush packs specially for Adobe Fresco and Procreate! Fresco brushes can also be used for Photoshop!

Embellishments are a great way to add some fun to your lettering. This brush pack makes it super easy to add spark with the most popular Spark Bundle Pack!

Ultimate Lettering Cheat Sheet

We’ve all been there, you take a course and forget the great material you’ve learned. That’s why we created a 2 page cheat sheet designed to be your goto resource for all the lettering material covered in the course.

Favorite Tools & Supplies Clickable PDF

Confused on what tools & supplies to use for your lettering business? Not anymore, this PDF includes links to all the great tools, supplies & software we use during the creation of our lettering.

Join the Threeologie Facebook Group!

Learning is always more fun when you’re not in it alone. That’s why we’ve created a private Facebook group for the course to allow all fellow learners to chat and share what they’ve learned.


Joke Wijn@the_green_nib
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I am very very happy with Natalie’s course! In her course, there are clear videos and instructions as well as great documents. Natalie covers a LOT and I just love how she ‘spills the beans’, especially pricing and income wise - not a lot of people do that so this is an honest insight. In my own business, I am implementing her templates and information and I’m getting such great feedback from my clients. If you are looking to run a professional lettering business or if you want to learn how to letter, this course is for you!
Danielle White@daniwhitedesign
Read More
I’ve loved Natalie’s course, the chance to get to see behind the scenes has been really valuable. Not only have I learned great skills but to see all the steps going into a final piece has made me confident that I can do it too. The course is super easy to follow and I can’t wait to keep putting what I’ve learned into practice.
Dina Nunez
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Natalie you are a super star for creating such a complete , super informative course! Thank you for sharing absolutely everything! The course is 1000% excellent!! I’m soooooo happy I took it! Thank you!!!!
Kim Morales@designedbyKm
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I have been following Natalie’s work for a while before I decided to take the step of creating something for myself. This course brought so much knowledge of the art and everything it takes to get you where you want to be. It is so worth it and you have it forever and you can go back whenever and always brush up.
Brie Prado@TheBriePrado
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I just wanted to say how much I loved your Lettering Workshop! I started the course with zero experience in hand lettering. As a current Graphic Design student, I knew I wanted to incorporate hand lettering into my portfolio, but I had no idea where to start. What I found to be most helpful was the transparency you provided your students with regards to the contracts, the pricing structure, email etiquette, and even how to present the work on social media. I’m so glad I signed up for your workshop! Thank you again!
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I love this course. It kept me inspired with my love for lettering. I like Natalie’s insight. She is very inspiring. I’m glad I purchased it. She also provides a free update on the course which is thoughtful and great. I like being part of her lettering group and seeing others develop and grow


Greeting Cards 101 Course

Create Stunning Greeting Cards and License Your Collection!


Learn how to design and create stunning greeting cards! I'll spill all the industry secrets to make sure your card gets noticed!

Construct a Collection

Produce your first greeting card collection with six cards under your belt! By the end of the course, you'll be a card-designing pro!


Transform your collection into a stunning portfolio that's both presentable and ready to be sent off to potential brands with ease!

Course content

Learn in 8 Week Sessions

Video Sessions

Each week when you log in to your account, you'll be greeted with a brand new video lesson that covers that week's topic in detail, making it easy for you to stay on top of your learning!

Artboard 1 copy 6

Contract Sample

Week 7 is an essential one, where I'll guide you through a sample licensing contract and break down all of the confusing legal terms, so you can feel confident and prepared for any contract-related challenges that may come your way.

Design Challenge

Get ready to flex your creative muscles each week as you tackle a new design challenge and create a fresh and unique greeting card that's sure to impress!

Artboard 1 copy 5


As you design each card, take advantage of my list of free PSD card mock-up resources to bring your designs to life and visualize them in a stunning and professional way.

Let’s Talk royalties

Diversify Your Income

Licensing your art to greeting card companies is like renting out your art, allowing companies to showcase your work and bring it to a wider audience, making it an exciting and lucrative opportunity for any aspiring artist!

Greeting Card Design

Unlock The Exciting Benefits!

Passive Income

Licensing is a fantastic way to generate passive income, allowing you to earn money effortlessly once your designs are finalized and in the hands of the right company. So sit back, relax, and let your art do the work for you!

Brand Exposure

Licensing can also provide a great opportunity for free marketing, as your name and artwork are featured on merchandise and products, giving your business increased visibility and exposure to potential customers. So why not let your art speak for itself and watch your brand soar?


By licensing your art to big companies and having it featured on their merchandise, you can increase the value of your brand and be seen as a highly sought-after artist in the industry. It's a win-win situation that can help take your art to new heights!

Here's what to expect

8 Weeks with 1 Video Lesson Per Week

Design a Card Collection

By the end of this 8-week course, you'll have designed 6 incredible greeting cards that are sure to catch the eye of potential brands looking to license your work. Each design challenge has been carefully crafted to expose you to a variety of requests that brands may make.

Learn What Makes
a Great Card

Get ready to become a greeting card design pro as I guide you through the process of creating effective and stunning cards that will stand out in any crowd! With the knowledge and skills gained from this course, you'll be able to apply what you've learned to future greeting card design projects with ease and confidence!

A New Card
Licensing Portfolio

After 7 weeks it's time to take your work to the next level and showcase it in an impressive portfolio that's sure to capture the attention of any potential brand. I'll guide you through the process step-by-step, ensuring that your portfolio is both professional and eye-catching.

Weekly Guidebooks

Not only will you have access to engaging and informative video lessons each week, but you'll also receive a comprehensive guidebook to accompany each one, providing even more valuable insights and tips to help you along the way. Over the course of 8 weeks, you'll have received a total of 8 guidebooks!


8 Weekly Video Sessions

Each week you'll get a brand new video lesson. Every week we focuse on a new aspect of licensing and design.

8 Weekly Guidebooks

Each video lesson is accompanied by a weekly guidebook. The guidebooks contain crucial information and challenges for you to do!

Greeting Card Mockups 3 Designs

I've included 3 different greeting card mockups to bring your designs to the next level. Each mockup comes with a Photoshop file and JPEG file.

Access Greeting Cards 101 Slack Channel

Join our group of 100+ students! Share your work, ask licensing or design questions and make friends with the community!

Access Exclusive Facebook Group

Don't have slack? That's okay! We also have a Facebook group you can join with over 200+ members! Ask questions, share work and make friends!

Lifetime Access to Course Updates

Purchase the course this once and you'll get access to all future updates and materials that are added to the course!

Licensing Portfolio Template Design 1

Need a way to market your new designs? I've got you covered! The course includes a 30+ page licensing portfolio editable in InDesign, PDF and JPEG's in case you don't have Adobe software!

Licensing Portfolio Template Design 2

In a recent course update I added a new 13 page licensing portfolio template! Completely brand new and editable in InDesign, PDF and JPEG's! Edit it and make it your own!


Read More
Fun introductory course for learning about greeting card design. The modules are short and easy to follow. The materials (pdfs) are great for thinking through ideas and layouts and colours. Plus the layout grid and ribbons brushes are a bonus for helping with the designs. A great course for artist wanting to learn/explore breaking into the greeting card industry!
Daksha Giri@dakshagiri
Read More
Natalie has done her best job coming up with all these modules. I feel confident about my greeting cards and the feedback provided has helped me develop my lettering and illustration skills so much! 100% recommend if you want to become a greeting card artist
Read More
Natalie you are a super star for creating such a complete , super informative course! Thank you for sharing absolutely everything! The course is 1000% excellent!! I’m soooooo happy I took it! Thank you!!!!
Read More
Natalie's Greeting Cards 101 helped me get a better understanding of the greeting card industry. She has covered everything in the course, right from the industry secrets of designing cards, creating a whole collection for your portfolio and even how to license them to companies. The course definitely exceeded my expectations. Will definitely recommend this course to anyone who wants to pursue this as a career!
Read More
I love greeting cards, and when I became interested in creating them as a hobby, I was looking for an online course that would help me learn the basics. This course definitely did that! It was easy to follow and had a great structure. It helped jumpstart my love for greeting cards and discover a style. Now, I’m continuing to use the advice in this course when designing my own greeting cards for my small stationery business!
Read More
This course is a great way to get you started on greeting card creation. Not only gives you a glimpse of design but also on the business aspect. Every lesson is easy to understand and having Natalie’s feedback on your designs adds a lot of value to the course!

Bonus Business Resources

4 New Lettering Workbooks

$10 Value

Discover the ultimate lettering workbook pack, featuring 4 brand new workbooks exclusively crafted for this bundle! Each workbook showcases a unique style, providing a diverse range of lettering inspiration and techniques to explore. Additionally, one of the workbooks is dedicated to calligraphy, catering to those with a passion for this elegant art form. 


$15 Value

Level up your cursive and calligraphy skills with our Guided Toolkit! Easily add cursive guides to your canvas, ensuring precise lettering every time. Download our collection for Procreate, Adobe Fresco, and Photoshop, and enjoy seamless integration across these apps. We’ve also included 6 carefully crafted calligraphy brushes for added versatility. Unleash your creativity and elevate your designs with our comprehensive toolkit today!


$18 Value

Introducing the Chiseled Letter Stamp Pack: A comprehensive collection of capital letter stamps in a captivating chiseled style. Enhance your designs effortlessly with these stamps, compatible with Procreate, Photoshop (desktop and iPad), Adobe Fresco, and Affinity Designer (iPad). Explore endless creative possibilities and make a bold statement with the Chiseled Letter Stamp Pack today!


$18 Value

Unlock the full potential of the Chiseled Letter Stamp pack with our comprehensive 34-page workbook included! Whether you prefer practicing on paper or digitally on your tablet, the workbook is designed to enhance your skills. 

Threeologie 2023 Tech STack

$15 Value

Unlock the secrets behind the success of Threeologie’s thriving business! Gain exclusive access to my meticulously curated tech stack for 2023, revealing the essential tools and software that power my profitable ventures. Download this invaluable resource today and discover the key ingredients that drive business growth and efficiency in the digital age.


$20 Value

Introducing the all-new Weekly Planning PDF, meticulously designed to assist you in setting up effective business plans and achieving your goals! Download and utilize this versatile PDF with Adobe Acrobat or seamlessly integrate it into the GoodNotes app for digital planning. Alternatively, print the planner pages to enjoy the classic pen-and-paper experience. Empower your business endeavors with these thoughtfully crafted planner pages and maximize your productivity today!

Vectorize Your Lettering Course

$20 Value

Master the art of vectorizing your handlettering with ease by enrolling in my  mini-course! Discover the secrets and techniques to transform your hand-drawn lettering into stunning vector graphics using Adobe Illustrator on your desktop.

Project Proposal template

$15 Value

Unlock the secret to effective client communication with Threeologie’s exclusive project proposal template! Gain access to a comprehensive template that encompasses all the necessary elements, including pricing details, process breakdowns, payment terms, and more. Streamline your client interactions and confidently present professional project proposals with this invaluable resource at your disposal.

Join the Threeologie Discord Group

Access to Threeologie 1 on 1

Welcome to the brand new Threeologie Creative Community Discord channel! Join our vibrant community to connect with fellow lettering artists, ask questions, participate in exciting events, and forge valuable friendships. Share your inspiring work and explore endless opportunities for growth and collaboration within our channel!


FoR a limited time only!

$400 Value!

Act now to secure your access to the most sought-after courses in Threeologie’s collection, along with an incredible selection of bonus materials. This unbeatable deal is available for a limited time only!

Only $100


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Absolutely not! If you’re interested in learning how to run a lettering business, hand letter, and license, then this bundle is for you! With so many bonus materials this course is made for anyone looking to start their own business or go full-time freelance!

If you’re eager to learn how to hand letter then then the Lettering and Biz course is for you! You’ll learn how to letter in Procreate and Adobe Fresco! Plus the bonus materials comes with 4 new lettering workbooks!

After the memorial sale, the bundle will be locked away! It might make an appearance on Black Friday though :)

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