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Vectorize Lettering
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Serif Type

Serif letters are letters that decorative strokes at that end of a stem. This is common lettering style.

Boxy Letters

Geometric or "Boxy" letters are also very common and also super easy to vectorized!

Funky Letters

Not as common, funky letters that we will go over have a lot of bounch and vary in width.

Script Letters

Another common style is script or calligraphic lettering. I'll show you how to vectorized this challenging style.

Tuscan Type

Tuscan style is a style of serif. But the round serif decortaive elements are a little more challenging to vectorize.


Take a sketch &
turn it into a vector.

I’ll teach you how to use the Pen Tool to vectorize your lettering in Adobe Illustrator!

Vectorize Your Lettering

Why should you learn?

Client Work

After working in the business of lettering for over 6 years I've come across tons of clients that require my art to be vectorized!


Often times it's challenging to go back and edit a raster image. But if you work with a vector design it's much more simple and easy to make edits!

Re-Use Artwork

Raster images are not easy to increase size because they will ultimately become pixelated. With your vector lettering you can adjust the sizing without distorting the design. This is great if you want to re-use the art for multiple projects.

Here's what to expect

A Mini Course You Can Finish in Less Than a Week!

Basics of Adobe Illustrator

To start the course we will walk through all of the main features of Adobe Illustrator. There are a ton of ways you can design in Adobe Illustrator so we will be only diving into elements of Adobe Illustrator that are useful for vectorizing your lettering. All those little buttons won't look so foreign to you once you're done with this module!

Learn How the Pen Tool Works

Learn how the pen tool works using the desktop version of Adobe Illustrator. The pen tool can seem quite daunting for many people, but I promise it's easier than it looks! It just takes some time to get to know how it works, and knowing your keyboard shortcuts are a necessity!

Practice Pen Tool Exercises

Once you get a good grasp of how the Pen Tool works, you'll dive into some exercises! I've created some digital workbooks for you to import into Adobe Illustrator. These exercises will assist you in understanding how to put what you've learned about the Pen Tool into practice.

Vectorize 5 Styles of Letters

I designed five different styles of lettering, all of which encompass a variety of designs. We will take each of these styles and vectorize each word. Different styles of lettering call for different techniques. I'll show you what techniques I use for letters that are boxy, serif, script, funky, and Tuscan.

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If you are unhappy with the course content you can receive a full refund if you request within 3 days. The reason why this is so short is because this is a shorter course.

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The course launches on Monday, March 21, 2022. You can login to your Threeologie Account and find the Course in the Courses Panel. 

You will need Adobe Illustrator downloaded on your computer.

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