The Threeologie Typism Bundle

Welcome to the Typism Summit Exclusive Bundle! 🎉 Dive into my curated collection of creative resources, crafted especially for you, summit attendees. These gems are designed to spark your creativity and elevate your artistry. But hurry, they’re only available until November 16, 2024! Grab your freebies now and let’s make some magic together! ✨🖌️

Flourish Practice Sheets + Brushes

Introducing the Flourish Procreate Brush Pack! This Procreate brush pack comes with 25 pre-designed elegant flourishes and 16 Procreate Flourish Maker stamps. The pack also includes a 2-page Flourish Practice Workbook. The workbook contains 16  of my favorite flourishes to practice with!

$15 Value

Spark Mix Brush Pack for Procreate

Add a little bit of retro sparkle to your designs! Designed in Procreate, this versatile stamp pack transforms your digital canvas into eye-catching sparkly art and design!

$10 Value

Social Media Pricing Handbook

This handbook provides valuable information, including a noteworthy aspect that you may not be incorporating into your pricing strategy. By addressing this, you have the opportunity to elevate your prices and ensure that they align with the true value of your offerings. This approach will guide you in establishing a pricing model that accurately reflects your services.

$30 Value

Holiday Stamp Pack for Adobe Fresco

Get ready for the holidays buy prepping those festive greeting cards. This stamp pack includes 31 Stamps for Adobe Fresco. Make ornaments, add snowflakes and more to your designs! 

$10 Value

Learn this Style of Lettering Workbook

The Threeologie Style Lettering workbook designed to teach you the art of hand lettering in my first favorite lettering style. Whether you’re a beginner or an experienced lettering artist looking to expand your skills, this workbook is perfect for anyone who wants to learn how to letter.

$15 Value

Undated Planner for Goodnotes

Introducing the all-new Weekly Planning PDF, meticulously designed to assist you in setting up effective business plans and achieving your goals! Download and utilize this versatile PDF with Adobe Acrobat or seamlessly integrate it into the GoodNotes app for digital planning. 

$20 Value




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The Happy Planner
Los Angeles Times
Michaels Stores
Pilot Pen
Rihanna Savage X Fenty
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