Pencil Lettering Challenge 1

🎉 Let’s start this challenge!


✏️ I’m excited to share that the Pencil Lettering Challenge of 2023 starts today! We had our last and final challenge of 2022 in June so it’s about time we get started again. If you’re new to the PLC then let me give you a little breakdown for how it works:

Each month you’ll receive 2 challenges to complete. I’ve changed this up a bit since last year having a challenge every single week seemed a bit tough. So I’m spreading out the challenges a bit more for you 😊Now for these challenges, you can only use a pencil and paper! So toss your iPads to the side because you won’t be needing them! I always stick to my Blackwing pencils, Staedtler lead pencil, Baronfig Notebook, eraser and ruler for my designs.

The PLC includes 20 different challenges! So feel free to participate in all 20 or just a few. It’s totally up to you! This is meant to be fun! So just have fun with it! 💖

Now you’re probably wondering why on earth wouldn’t we just do an easy challenge using the iPad? Well to be honest with you whenever I do the PLC I improve my lettering and illustration skills at a much faster rate than I would on the iPad. That’s because we are really exercising those hand skills! The iPad is great but it allows for errors to be reversed and you can use streamline to make all your lines perfectly straight or curved. But when you try practicing with a pencil you’ll find that you’ll improve your lettering skills immensely because you have little room for error! This is why I love this challenge. So let’s get better together!

Challenge this week:

  • Handletter the quote: I am taking the Pencil Lettering Challenge
  • Make sure to only use a ✏️Pencil!
  • No digital art. Only paper and Pencil!
  • Tag @threeologie in your post
  • Use hashtags #pencilletteringchallenge #threeologie #plc2023

For brownie points try creating a timelapse of you creating this first challenge! I did one for this challenge. Check it out below!

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