Pencil Lettering Challenge #5

✏️ Now onto Challenge #4!


🙌 I’m excited to announce that Pencil Lettering Challenge #5 is now available! This challenge is all about unleashing your imagination and creativity through pencil lettering. I encourage you to let your mind wander and explore new possibilities as you work on this challenge. Whether you are a seasoned lettering artist or just starting out, I believe that this challenge will inspire you to push your boundaries and take your skills to the next level. So grab your pencils and let’s get started!

Challenge this week:

  • Handletter 3 cursive styles for the word: Lettering

  • Start by writing the word “Lettering” in a normal cursive then add 3 new styles below it. See my example below 👇

  • Make sure to only use a ✏️Pencil!

  • No digital art. Only paper and Pencil!

  • Tag @threeologie your post

  • Use hashtags #pencilletteringchallenge #threeologie #plc2023

Challenge 5:


Here’s my submission for Challenge #5. I really tried to push myself to play around with flourishes and width of my letters. I want you to really try to push yourself too. Get creative with it!

I started off with just normal cursive of the word lettering then I added 3 new styles below to show how I can change up my cursive style.

Now you try! 😊

Tools: Blackwing Pencils

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