Should you buy an iPad?!

Should you get an iPad

It’s been 2 years since I’ve purchased my first iPad ever! I decided it’s time to create an updated video! Should you buy an iPad?! That’s the burning question all us non-iPad people are asking. I know I was always asking that very question before I invested in an iPad. If you’re an artist or specifically a lettering artist you’re probably wondering if it’s worth the investment? Short answer: YES! Long answer:

 Here are my top 3 reasons why you SHOULD get one! For artists!

1. The Design Process is fast!

Before I got an iPad I used to do all my lettering projects on paper. I would sketch my designs with a pencil, scan them to a computer, digitize using Adobe Illustrator, and then sent that work to my clients. Oh wow! That process took forever! I am not exaggerating. I have had my lettering business for over 5 years now and I can honestly say upgrading to the iPad has improved my efficiency! Now I simply sketch my designs on my iPad and then send them off to the client. No more scanning and digitizing in Illustrator. If you invest in an iPad you’ll find that the process is much faster. Time is money! So it’s definitely worth investing in. 

2. You can vectorize in Illustrator on the iPad!

Adobe Illustrator is now available for the iPad! I can honestly say this is an amazing update! If you’re an artist, you know the struggle of using the Pen Tool on Adobe Illustrator Desktop. Using the Pen Tool on the iPad is 10x easier! It feels more natural to be using the Pen Tool on a tablet with the Apple Pencil versus using a mouse on the Desktop. Adobe Illustrator is fairly new to the iPad, but I can assure you they consistently release updates to the app while fixing bugs. It might be a bit wonky at first, but it’s definitely worth looking into. 

3. It's travel friendly!

iPad Pro 12.9"

One of the biggest perks for me was that the iPad is travel-friendly. I personally love to travel, and this was a big one for me. Every year my fiance and I take a 3 month trip to a new country. I’ve held workshops in 2 countries, and having my iPad with me made all the difference! The iPad I have is only 1.39lbs. This light enough to carry in a backpack to and from work. When I travel, I like to join a coworking space, and I usually walk to work or take public transportation. Carrying my iPad along with my laptop was super comfortable and easy!

iPad Pro 12.9"

In conclusion, I love my iPad! Here’s me holding my 12.9” iPad Pro! If you’re curious where I got mine head to the link below.

iPad Pro 12.9″

256 GB – So I don’t have to worry about storage.

Get it on Amazon.


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Should you get an iPad

Should you buy an iPad?!

It’s been 2 years since I’ve purchased my first iPad ever! I decided it’s time to create an updated video! Should you get an iPad?! That’s the burning question all

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