How Much Should You Be Charging?

Hello! My name is Natalie and in case you don’t know me I’m a lettering artist based in Los Angeles. I’ve been working full-time for myself for a little over 5 years. I struggled a lot when I just got started, especially with charging for my services. I had no clue what were average rates and what to charge. I decided to help out others who are just starting out so here goes!

What information is out there?

I’ve been doing a lot of research on pricing yourself as a lettering artist. I found that this information is so sacred and almost top secret! I can completely understand why this information is paid for. It’s a little scary to share what you’re charging because some clients might hold that against you. Another reason why I think so few artists share their rate is because it varies from person to person. I think most of it depends on your experience as a lettering artist. Of course if you have a great portfolio, a track record of working with great brands, and are of course very talented, it would make sense that you’re charging a good amount.

There is not "right" way to price yourself

There is no “right” way to price yourself in my opinion. I think it just varies from person to person but I think by sharing what I charge I can hopefully give you an idea for how you might charge for your services. Lettering is a fairly new service so I have a feeling pricing will always be changing or adjusting. The more demand you have for it the higher the price. Right now it seems that lettering is in high demand and that’s pretty awesome! Which means you can potentially get paid for it! But again how should you price yourself in a fairly new field of work? It’s difficult I know! So I’m going to be completely transparent! I’m going to share with you how much I charge for lettering (as well as graphic design). Hopefully this can help you! Remember these are just my own opinions based on my own experience as a lettering artist. Nonetheless I hope it helps! You can download my PDF here. If you need any additional help or have any questions just head to my Instagram Account. I’m always trying to give free tips and resources. 



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